Flathead Farm Sitting: Serving the farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders in Kalispell, Bigfork, and Whitefish Montana.

Hello! I'm Lauren.

Love your farm but need a break? I provide worry-free escapes for farm families.



Flathead Farm Sitting

Farmers, ranchers, and pet owners are hard-working, selfless, and dedicated.

When you commit to a lifestyle that includes animals and stewardship of the land, you know that it means plenty of hard work, and no such thing as sick days.

You love your animals, and your land, but wouldn't it be nice to take a vacation once in awhile?

Founded in 2013, Flathead Farm Sitting has been on a mission to provide quality farm, ranch, and pet sitting to the Flathead Valley community.

You deserve a break, and we're here to help!

With Flathead Farm Sitting, LLC on your team, you can finally take a vacation, knowing that your home and critters will be safe while you're away.


Pet Care

Dog with Frisbee
  • Feeding and watering
  • Poop scooping and cage cleaning
  • Walks and yard turn-out/playtime
  • Administering medications as prescribed
  • Friendly visits to combat loneliness and boredom
  • Special needs and senior pet care
  • Identifying and responding to urgent health and medical dilemmas

* (Includes dogs, cats, caged birds, fish, reptiles, etc.)

Livestock Care

Hungry Sheep
  • Feeding and watering
  • Stall and pen cleaning
  • Pasture rotation
  • Overnight calving, lambing, kidding watch and birth assistance in non-emergency situations
  • Administering medications as prescribed
  • Milking dairy animals and handling dairy products per owner specifications
  • Identifying and responding to urgent health and medical dilemmas
  • Collecting eggs and properly storing them in the farm fridge

* (Includes cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry, etc.)

Horse Care

Happy Horses
  • Feeding and watering
  • Stall and pen cleaning
  • Pasture rotation and turn-out
  • Overnight foaling watch and birth assistance in non-emergency situations
  • Administering medications as prescribed
  • Identifying and responding to urgent health and medical dilemmas
  • Blanketing

* (Includes horses, mules, donkey, . . . zebras?)

Home & Garden Care

  • Watering house plants
  • Fetching mail
  • Adjusting thermostats and lighting, per owner specifications
  • Security check, making sure everything is in order and locked up tight
  • Watering gardens, moving sprinklers
  • Maintenance weeding as needed
  • Harvesting produce and storing it on premises, per owner specifications
  • Checking fences
Lauren Dixon, Business owner at Flathead Farm Sitting

We were featured recently in the Flathead's own Daily Inter Lake publication!

"While the farmer’s away, the cows can play, eat and rest easy in the experienced hands of a farm sitter. Right at home caring for calves and milking goats, Lauren Dixon, 31, spends her days looking after farms and ranches across the valley while their owners take some needed time off. . . ."

Ariticle by Mary Cloud Taylor, The Daily Inter Lake. Photo by Brenda Ahearn, The Daily Inter Lake.

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Dolan Farms Piedmontese

Jerran Dolan
Dolan Farms Piedmontese, Bigfork, MT

"Lauren came to my farm and was very professional. She took notes on our feeding schedule and asked all the necessary questions to provide adequate care for my animals. I have horses, cows, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats. She milked my dairy cow along with feeding twice a day and growing my Barley Fodder. She was great about calling daily with reports on my animals’ welfare. Upon arriving back home I was thoroughly impressed with the service she provided. Everyone was happy, waterers filled, barn cleaned, and everything as I left it. I would recommend her to anyone looking for farm or ranch care. We have looked for a long time for someone to farm-sit, so we could get away, and have finally found the right person."

Hellroaring Mini Herefords

Trisha Boll
Hellroaring Mini Herefords, Whitefish

"Lauren is an absolute gem; it is such a relief to be worry-free while traveling. She is very professional & capably takes care of our full assortment of critters, including many rabbits, cows, and 4-H livestock. It was such a relief to find someone who knows cows, is knowledgeable about animal health, and is physically capable of handling farm chores. Plus, as a bonus, she sends daily updates and cute photos of the animals! I highly recommend Lauren's services!"

California Cowboy

Chad Stephens
Bigfork, MT

"My name is Chadlee Stephens and I am writing to recommend Lauren as a house and critter sitter. I have hired her to care for my five horses, two dogs and two cats while away for extended periods of time, and she has always come through for me both professionally and personally. I have full confidence that she will do a great job, and will go above and beyond, as she has for me in the past."


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